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premium BRANDS

Robely’s core brands, AQ and Barkley & Evans, feature products that are celebrated for their premium standards and on-trend designs. In addition to our in-house brands, we are well-versed in private label branding and packaging and work closely with our retail partners to tailor every aspect of the production process.


Robely’s signature brand features contemporary products designed for all areas of the home. AQ products are crafted with a wide variety of materials including metal, ceramic, wood and glass. From modern and sleek bathroom accessories to multifunctional kitchen baskets, every product under the AQ brand integrates seamlessly into any home. Combining aesthetic appeal and optimizing utility, AQ products add enhanced practicality while keeping fashion and function at the forefront.


Barkley & Evans is a pet brand characterized by elevated and functional pet products designed to compliment any space in the home. With a focus on pet feeders and pet food storage, the brand features decorative and colourful pieces for any pet lover.

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